While our group classes will provide more than ample challenges and results for you, you may have old or existing injuries/limitations, or specific goals that can be even more precisely tackled through personal training.

The Fitwall private training system utilizes extremely effective functional equipment such as weight vests, sandbags, soft kettlebells, and other tools. These tools let us safely and effectively load you up with weights, while reducing discomfort or risk of injury. Our personal training sessions are typically a little slower paced than our group classes, and involve more corrective exercise and heavier lifting.

We offer two types of personal training: private training ( 1 on 1) or semi-private training. The private training means it's just you and your personal trainer. The semi-private training has you and up to two other people training with one coach. Both the semi-private and private training sessions are designed specifically for you - addressing your own unique goals, weaknesses, and any other considerations you may have.