We make fitness fun and effective.

Key facts about our group classes:

  • Fitwall workouts provide an effective blend of strength, cardio and flexibility training.
  • The methodologies and coaching that we use applies to customers of all ages, fitness levels and interests.
  • We utilize our proprietary equipment, the Fitwall, along with floor-based exercises and resistance bands to offer an effective, comprehensive, safe and fun workout.
  • Fitwall's unique technology platform inspires, guides, monitors and tracks your progress.
  • All of our workouts are 40 minutes long. It's the perfect amount of time for an efficient, effective workout that fits into your day.

World-Class Coaching

You cannot and should not do this alone. Our coaches motivate you without berating you; push you without punishing you; adapt workouts to you, instead of you adapting to our workout.

Fitwall's coaches are dedicated coaches — they are not doing the workout, they are only coaching you. At Fitwall we have real coaches who coach — not employees exercising at the front of the class in what amounts to glorified follow-the-leader.

Immersive Technology to Drive You

Fitwall's proprietary technology platform guides you through the workout visually, monitors your performance during the class and allows you to track your improvement over time. Each station houses its own iPad where your workout is shown and your target effort zones are displayed: sprint, move, and rest. Your workout performance is measure in FIT factor points. Earn more points as you spend more time in the prescribed zones.

Join a Supportive, Like-minded Community

You and people like you are what makes group fitness so great. We actively engage our customers in the process of coming to the studio and coming regularly. Unlike many fitness companies, we actually want you to come and use your membership! We encourage making a habit of coming at the same times every week, too.

All of that means you don't do it alone. It means encouragement from a team. It means you're a part of a community.

Music To Move You

At Fitwall we pay very close attention to the role that music plays in motivation, performance, and intensity of a workout. We do not simply have our coaches make their favorite playlists and play the music at a loud level, rather we carefully craft our custom soundtracks to match each specific workout.

Every workout has a specifically curated custom Fitwall mix designed to push you further than you could go alone. When it's time to go hard the volume and intensity increases. When it's time to rest, the music changes and the volume decreases.

Our Approach to Designing a Group Class:

All of our group classes train the entire body. Each month we have three different classes: strength and power sessions, functional interval training sessions, and cardio emphasis sessions. The sessions are structured as a total program and provide a complete training solution to build your strength, cardio and flexibility and change your body. We repeat the three workouts throughout the month so that each time you come back you can do more reps, more resistance, go faster and perform the exercises with better form. By following this format people will finally see results instead of just spinning their wheels due to always switching things up. Three new workouts are introduced on the 1st of every month.

Every Fitwall workout blends strength, cardio, and flexibility training. Fitwall pays special attention to the posterior of the body as it is generally underdeveloped in our society due to subpar exercise programs, excessive sitting, and the fact you can’t see the backside in the mirror. The unique design of our equipment and programs equate to exceptional balance and function in the body. The efficacy of our workouts equate to rapid body changes, first in the arms, shoulders and neck, then quickly after in the waist and hips.

Mondays & Tuesdays: Strength and Power Emphasis

The first 66% of this workout focuses on slower and bigger movements to build a big base of strength for our clients. Strength is what allows you to do more things in life and keeps you healthy and build muscle which is responsible for burning fat and keeping you lean. The final 33% of the workout are short, high-intensity efforts mixed with rest. The high intensity sprints are very effective at promoting afterburn (fat burning for up to 72 hours post workout).

Wednesdays & Thursdays: Functional Interval Training

This workout is Fitwall’s take on high intensity interval training. There are 5 minute super sets, where we perform functional movements (move) for 4 minutes then go hard (sprint) for 30-60 seconds and then rest. These high intensity efforts are incredibly effective at helping to burn fat via afterburn, and in building powerful cardio capacity.

Fridays & Saturdays: Cardio Emphasis

This workout forgoes super high intensity efforts and instead focuses on building cardiac output. These are seven 3:30 minute sets done continuously. This workout is excellent for improving your cardio fitness, heart health, and burning fat.

Sundays: Specialty Classes

Sunday workouts are meant to tackle more specific fitness tasks such as recovery, regeneration, mobility, extra core work, or additional cardio work. Exact programming depends upon the specific Fitwall studio.